Experience a true breakthrough to become the most confident, inspired and impactful version of you – in your role, leadership and career…

The Most Powerful You is a transformative course that helps you finally access the TWO MOST IMPORTANT things you need more of today, to become the professional and leader you long to be – with more positive influence, fulfillment, impact, and success in all your professional endeavors…

Those two essential traits are…BRAVERY and POSITIVE POWER.

Kathy’s Message to You

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On a regular basis, do you wish you had…

  • A deeper understanding of your special talents, abilities and accomplishments and how you stand out
  • More confidence to speak up and stand up assertively, to share your ideas and exhibit executive presence
  • The courage — and best approach — to ask for what you want and deserve
  • Greater connections with inspiring people who are happy to support you, including uplifting mentors and sponsors in your organization and field
  • The strength to challenge what needs to change
  • Expanded positive impact and influence – as a leader, manager and team member
  • And finally – a way to overcome hard challenges from the past that impact you still, so you can experience greater joy, self-trust, purpose and fulfillment in meaningful work you love and help others do the same

If so, you’re NOT alone.

Women (and many men) of all ages are experiencing an epidemic of power challenges that block them from the success, impact and reward they long for and deserve in their work. And those who are relatively new to their roles are at a highest risk of feeling these ways.

Why you’re not experiencing

the success you want

Most professional women who are not experiencing the highest degree of success, fulfillment, impact and reward are missing the two essential ingredients:


To recognize and face head on what isn’t working and take the full accountability to change it now

Positive Power

To act with positive influence and impact on your own behalf, to advocate for yourself and others and become the true author and leader of your own professional life, role and career

What happens when you don’t possess sufficient bravery and positive power?

In my 16 years of working with thousands of professional women of all ages in 26 countries across 6 continents, my research has revealed that without Bravery & Positive Power, 7 damaging power gaps emerge and block professionals from thriving at their highest level and reaching their most thrilling and rewarding potential and goals at work and in their leadership, teams and managerial endeavors.

Shockingly, according to my recent survey, 98% of women and 90% of men are facing at least one of these power gaps, and over 75% of women are facing three or more at the same time. And 75% of executive women are experiencing the imposter syndrome.

When we have these power gaps, our ability to experience the fullest degree of professional and leadership success and positive impact – both internally and externally — is severely limited.

When you have these gaps, you consistently feel dissatisfied, undervalued, and unfulfilled.

The 7 Damaging Power Gaps

If you have any of these power and bravery gaps, your career- and leadership-building steps simply will not be effective and you can’t achieve your highest, most thrilling potential and impact in your work.

GAP #1

Not recognizing your special talents, abilities and accomplishments

(63% have this gap)

GAP #2

Communicating from fear, not strength

(70% have this gap)

GAP #3

Reluctance to ask for what you deserve

(77% have this gap)

GAP #4

Isolating from influential support (71% have this gap)

GAP #5

Acquiescing instead of saying “STOP!” to mistreatment

(48% have this gap)


Losing sight of the thrilling dream you once had for your career and professional endeavors

(76% have this gap)

GAP #7

Allowing past difficulties and challenges to continue to negatively impact you today in your work

(62% have this gap)

Each of these gaps keeps you from seeing yourself powerfully, and bravely speaking, asking, connecting, challenging, serving and healing to thrive.

BUT, there IS a way out of this experience of powerlessness and dissatisfaction in your career and leadership…


To get the crucial infusion of bravery and power to overcome these gaps, you need The Most Powerful You Framework For Change: 7 BRAVE PATHWAYS TO PROFESSIONAL AND LEADERSHIP SUCCESS.

This 8-part video training course teaches you how to take the 7 Brave Pathways that close these 7 damaging power gaps for good.

The 7 Brave Pathways


Brave Sight

To recognize your talents, abilities and gifts more powerfully and clearly


  • Why we don’t see that we’re talented and valuable
  • How to believe you’re worthy of what you want and how to get it
  • To identify exactly what you’re great at and showcasing it


Brave Speak

To communicate from strength not fear, and say what needs to be said


  • How women have been trained to not speak confidently and powerfully
  • How holding back from speaking up damages us
  • The most powerful ways to start speaking up for yourself and others


Brave Ask

To ask for what you deserve, in a confident, empowered way that helps you get it


  • Why women find it hard to ask (and why there are still penalties for being assertive)
  • How to build a strong case for what you want and get it
  • To get clearer about the value you offer and demonstrating that more clearly


Brave Connection

To network effectively and build an amazing support community that propels you forward


  • Why influential support is crucial and why women don’t get it
  • The best ways to connect with amazing mentors, sponsors and ambassadors
  • How to network successfully even when you’re insecure, shy or introverted


Brave Challenge

To stand up successfully to what’s happening to and around you that needs to change


  • Why we often don’t stand up against what’s wrong and unfair
  • How to actually recognize what mistreatment is
  • The best ways to get support and help when mistreatment or unfair behavior is happening


Brave Service

To reconnect to your most thrilling dream for what you want to do in the world, and the impact you want to make, and start doing it


  • Why we so often bail on our professional dreams
  • The difference between a job and a calling and why you shouldn’t search for your “calling”
  • What steps to take to actually achieve those lost dreams starting today


Brave Healing

To address and overcome what’s happened to you in the past that’s negatively impacting you today


  • What is challenge and trauma from the past and how it affects us
  • Why insight and ideas are great but they’re not enough to improve your life
  • The right types of actions that bring healing, growth and success on your terms

Why it’s transformative to embark on the 7 Brave Pathways to Professional and Leadership Success?

If you want more, different and better in your career and leadership today, these pathways are essential to help you experience:

Increased support
Greater impact
Stronger self-mastery
Healthier self-confidence
Better communication skills
Happier and more rewarding work relationships
Enhanced leadership & authority and team success
Greater self-trust and self-esteem

Isn’t it time you became the

brave, impactful and inspired professional and leader you long to be?


In meaningful, rewarding work you love and are proud of


The respect, recognition and money you deserve


Your natural talents and gifts in easy ways that are in joyful service of others


Heart-connected, healthy work relationships with people you respect and admire

Let Go

Of toxic relationships and release your imposter syndrome and fear of vulnerability so you can lead confidently, be more of yourself, and connect and communicate more authentically


And elevate yourself in your work, and support others as you rise


For a powerful free 90-minute training to help you to close the 7 most damaging power gaps that block you from experiencing the success and reward you long for in your career, click here

What You Can Expect From The Most Powerful You training

Go from “I know I want more” to “I’m finally on a new path to being the leader and professional I’ve longed to be!”

Learn transformative new mindsets, behaviors and steps that propel you forward, address “failure” and open exciting new doors that weren’t available to you before.

Heal what’s been holding you back from the past, and emerge stronger and more confident and resilient.

“Find brave” and gain self-esteem, clarity and positive power (and 9 other essential key career success skills) to finally create work as you want it, based on your authentic values, beliefs, and visions – not someone else’s idea of happiness and success.

Change how you operate so you can experience Brave Sight, Brave Speak, Brave Ask, Brave Connection, Brave Challenge, Brave Service and Brave Healing – to see yourself differently, communicate more confidently, ask for what you want, network effectively, challenge what needs to change, do work that matters to you, and THRIVE as a leader, manager and team member, and succeed in the most fulfilling way possible.

“Thank you, Kathy! You, more than anyone, know what a journey it has been. The confidence you instill in your followers is lifesaving!!”


“The Most Powerful You is an invaluable guide for professional women who want to become more confident and impactful and reach their most exciting goals.”


What You Get

  • 8 Training Modules (16 videos total) offering in-depth training on each of the Power Gaps and how to close them in your work, roles, and leadership, along with an introductory module all about how and why these gaps are formed

  • Each video module gives you the background you need to understand each power gap, how to overcome it, and specific action steps to move forward fast, when you commit to taking the actions suggested.

  • Empowering steps, solutions and tips from Kathy’s 16 years of coaching thousands of women and men around the world AND more than 30 of the nation’s top experts in fields essential to career, professional and leadership growth and success

  • A helpful workbook to support your learning and action

  • Kathy’s hand-picked collection of premier resources for additional help, support and learning

  • Great discounts to Kathy’s coaching programs, assessments, training, events, and other top professional growth resources

Is This Course for You?

Ask yourself…Do you desire more from your role, leadership and impact but you’ve lost the ability to shape it as you want to? The Most Powerful You helps you understand exactly WHY you’re not experiencing the success you want, and to address and resolve those issues now.

This course teaches you how to take the 7 Brave Pathways to Professional & Leadership Success (even “bliss!”) that address and resolve the 7 damaging power gaps that keep 98% of professional women and 90% of men from thriving at the highest level. If you’re gapped in positive power and bravery, your professional growth steps simply will not work.

This is a journey of introspection, action and stretching, and the more you do the work to leverage your authentic talents, abilities and gifts, AND take brave, empowered action every day (unlike what you’ve done before) towards your highest goals, the more a successful, thrilling career can be yours!

I can’t wait to work with you and help you become

The Most Powerful You!

“So much advice we hear for women about how to build a more rewarding career just isn’t practical and misses the real-life picture of what holds women back in today’s business world. The Most Powerful You gives you research-based guidance and straight talk about how women can thrive at the highest level and offers a seven-step power-boosting guide that addresses these blocks at both an individual and societal level.”


Author of How to Be a Power Connector: the 5+50+150 Rule for Turning Your Business Network into Profits and Crack the Funding Code: How Investors Think and What They Need to Hear to Fund Your Startup

Are You Ready to Invest In Yourself and Build the Career You Dream Of?

The Most Powerful You Course is delivered in two levels.

Choose the level that fits your needs best:

Foundational Level

$395 or 2 Installments of $220

16 powerhouse videos in 8 modules of essential info about the 7 Power Gaps, along with the key internal and external action steps to take to close each of the gaps in your life and career, and thrive

Step-by-Step career growth and confidence-building training curriculum

A helpful workbook to support your learning and action

Top-Level supplementary resources for expanded learning

10% discounts on Kathy’s courses and private coaching programs

Lifetime access to all the training materials

Accelerate Level

$695 or 3 Installments of $249

Everything included in Foundational Level...


A 60-minute Private Career Consultation with Kathy, exploring where you are and where you’d like to go in your career and creating an effective action plan for growth. (To be held within first 6 months of membership.) ($845 value)

An additional 20-minute LinkedIn profile review, helping you power up your profile and network/connect more effectively, to experience greater success and advancement ($250 value)

20% discounts on Kathy’s courses and private coaching programs

“Are you looking for a deeper understanding of what career obstacles to watch out for? Are you seeking some powerful insights from an experienced and dynamic career coach whose voice sounds like it is talking to you? Then run, don’t walk to get a hold of this terrific book by career coach and well known Finding Brave podcast host, Kathy Caprino. I especially loved the reframing and “power questions’ that are included in each chapter. Many people talk a good game when it comes to empowering women. Kathy Caprino knows how to get it done.”


Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

“If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Why can’t I get what I want in my career?,’ this is the book and material for you. The Most Powerful You answers all your questions about why you’ve been stuck and struggling to experience the happiness you want! This is the book to help you get more of what you want and deserve, and teaches you how to get it!”


Author of The Wall Street Journal bestseller Every Job Is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work

available as accelerate level bonus!

LinkedIn Profile Upgrade Consult

As a LinkedIn “Top Voice” with over 880,000 LinkedIn followers and 148,000+ subscribers to her LinkedIn newsletter The Finding Brave Circle,” and 41 million views of her articles, Kathy shares her LinkedIn expertise to improve your profile for more views & opportunities.

Uplevel your headline, summary, job descriptions, endorsements and more…available for the first 3 registrants each month! 


Want Tailored Leadership and Career Growth Advice And Support LIVE from Kathy?

Join the Accelerate level of this program and receive a private career/leadership coaching session along with your video training.

Get Kathy’s hands-on help with your most pressing professional, career and leadership visions and goals.

And receive Powerful training for teams at your organization too!

For Organizations & Institutions

Kathy also provides training to organizations with a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) who are committed to supporting the advancement of women and other underrespresented groups. If your organization is driven to helping emerging and seasoned managers and leaders reach their highest potential, this is an essential professional development training for your workforce.

Closing these 7 damaging gaps helps your staff gain more confidence, self-esteem, communication strength, leadership authority, impact, support, strategic vision, and more.

Please contact us today to inquire about bringing this training to your teams today.


What’s the schedule for the course? Can I take it at my own pace?

The training at the Foundational and Accelerate Levels of this video training program are available at any time, to take at your own pace, as an independent-study training program. Enrollment is on a rolling basis and you can enroll whenever you wish. 

The Accelerate Level includes one 60-minute private career (or leadership growth) coaching session on Zoom with Kathy, which you can sign up for at a mutually convenient time. In this session, you’ll receive hands-on career and leadership coaching and guidance to address your most pressing career challenges and move forward with an effective action plan.

If you’d like more hands-on group support plus 8 coaching and training calls with Kathy, register for the new The Most Powerful You LIVE, 8-week course (held several times a year), and enroll for the next session as an early bird for big savings and 8 great bonuses. CLICK HERE to learn more.

How long do I have access?

Members have lifetime” access to the course and you gain access to the program the day you register. For Accelerate level members, you may book your private session with Kathy within 6 months of your date of registration.

How is the course content delivered?

Once you register, the content is delivered via an online course portal, where the videos, written curriculum, homework assignments and a helpful workbook are available for download.

Accelerate Level members will work with Kathy on her Zoom platform. All calls are recorded and a video of the calls will be sent to you privately.

Is there an interactive element to the course?

The video training program offers interaction with Kathy through the Accelerate level, where you will be able to book a 1:1, 60-minute coaching call.

If you wish for more interaction and support, join Kathy in her new The Most Powerful You LIVE 8-week Group Coaching course. CLICK HERE to learn more. Or feel free to sign up for additional Coaching sessions with Kathy to address your specific needs. CLICK HERE for more about Kathy’s private coaching programs.

Do I need to have The Most Powerful You book for this course?

It is highly recommended that you read The Most Powerful You book either prior to taking the course or simultaneously as you study each module in the training course. 

Here is a link where you can find top online providers of the book. 


For availability outside the U.S., click these links:







Anywhere else in the world outside North America:


What is the refund policy?

As with any course, time and energy must be invested if students want results. For that reason, full refunds (minus a $10 processing fee) are available within the first 5 days of registration but for refunds to be approved, engagement and effort in the course must be demonstrated. Please submit at least one completed homework assignment to show effort and engagement, with your refund. 

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. Please see the payment plans above or contact Kathy at info@kathycaprino.com for other payment plan options.

Can my organization/employer bring this training into our company and are there discounts for institutional bulk purchases?

Absolutely! Kathy has already delivered this content to over 50+ organizations around the world, including for an international division of the United Nations! Organizations can acquire the video training for their teams, and receive supplemental coaching from Kathy, for employees. We are also thrilled to deliver live training programs and workshops and coaching at organizations that support the advancement of women. CLICK HERE to see where Kathy has spoken recently. And VISIT KATHY’S SPEAKING PAGE for more information.

Please write to Kathy at info@kathycaprino.com to discuss your organizational/institutional needs and group access. Kathy is also pleased to tailor a Most Powerful You live and/or online training or speaking experience that fits your employees’, teams’ and organizational needs.

This material has proven highly transformational — for individuals around the globe, as well as leaders, managers, and team members and has been acquired by HR leaders for their teams as well — helping work cultures and organizations thrive at a higher level, and build more diversity, equity and inclusion.

For testimonials about the impact Kathy’s programs have had, visit her Praise page, and her recommendations on LinkedIn where she has 880,000 followers and over 148,000 subscribers to her LinkedIn newsletter The Finding Brave Circle. She is honored to be named a LinkedIn “Top Voice” as well.

I’m not sure whether The Most Powerful You is right for me.

If you take my Power Gap Survey and are experiencing at least one of the power gaps right now, this course will be positive and transformational experience. And if you have 3 hours to invest in your career growth – by watching the helpful video training material and another several hours to engage in the homework, and you’re ready to make positive change in your career, leadership and professional life, this is the right place for you!

I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m not sure what to expect. Will I fit in?

Bravo that you’re here and taking the leap to commit to bringing about positive change in your life and career! If you take the Foundational level of the course, it is self-paced and you can do this independently, on your own if you wish. 

But if you’d like hands-on coaching support and help from Kathy, the Accelerate level and Kathy’s The Most Powerful You live group coaching program are a great fit. Everyone from around the world who wishes to bring about significant growth, confidence and impact in their lives and careers and is committed to doing the work to make that possible is welcome!

Kathy strives to make all group participants feel welcome, heard, and respected and their viewpoints deeply valued.

I’m very much looking forward to being of service to help you become The Most Powerful You this year!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to Kathy at info@kathycaprino.com with any questions. She’ll be happy to answer them.

it’s time you…

Stop the painful cycle of feeling less than powerful, brave and confident

This is the material that thousands of professional women and men have already benefitted greatly from, helping them create happier, better careers and professional outcomes. Thousands more could benefit as well, but unfortunately, many don’t recognize that they have these power gaps or how these challenges hold them back.

We are not typically taught this information anywhere – not in childhood, in school, in young adulthood, in our jobs or in later life, but this is THE very information that stops professionals from falling short of what they deeply long for in their leadership and careers.

Sadly, we often keep repeating the same challenges and painful situations over and over until we get the right kind of help to take the reins to unleash our potential.

Join me today and become the Most Powerful version of you in just a few short months!

“Attending Kathy’s program was a real life-changing experience. I was blown away by how much I learned, grew, and gained clarity around my career through the program. Kathy has so many unique skills and talents that she brings to the table – having been in the corporate world for many years Kathy really understands the reality of women’s careers – both opportunities and challenges.

She digs deep with each participant and helps uncover real life changing gems. For me, working with Kathy in the course and in parallel on a one-on-one personal coaching basis helped me so much both with my short and long term plans.

Kathy is truly in a league of her own and I am glad our paths crossed!”

rachel mcavoy

“I highly recommend Kathy’s courses for professional women. Kathy and our group were absolutely fantastic! Kathy combines years of experience working in the corporate world, changing careers, starting her own business, and being a true advocate for women around the world. The course work was deep, thoughtful, and deliberate. It was amazing to learn from Kathy, other participants, and through their stories and insights. The course allowed me to reflect on my career path and provided space to set a foundation for my next adventure. What a pandemic gift!”


Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to Kathy here – she’ll be happy to answer them. We hope to see you in the program today and help you become the Most Powerful You!

About Kathy Caprino, M.A.

If you’ve followed my work, you know that I spent 18 years in corporate life in marketing, publishing and membership services, and rose to the level of Vice President. My career was very “successful” on the outside, but internally I struggled. I managed large budgets and global initiatives, and achieved a lot and learned many skills including leadership, communication, management, strategic planning and more. But I also struggled fiercely in crafting a life and career that aligned with who I really am, inside.

After a brutal layoff in the days following 9/11, I made the decision to finally reclaim the direction of my life, and entered into the helping professions. I became a marriage and family therapist, writer, leadership and career coach, speaker and over the past 16 years in this work, I’ve coached and trained thousands of professional women and men around the world.

Now, in my business, Kathy Caprino, LLC, I am dedicated to the advancement of women around the globe, and do that through my writing, speaking, coaching, keynotes and workshops, and serving as a media expert on careers and leadership. I’m a Senior Forbes contributor (with over 35 million views), a LinkedIn trusted voice, a blogger and the host of the podcast Finding Brave, which consistently ranks in the Top 100 Apple Career Podcasts.

And I’ve learned so much over the past 16 years of interviewing some of the top movers and shakers, leadership gurus, business experts, award-winning entrepreneurs, creatives, bestselling authors, Pulitzer-prize winners and more!

I’ve learned from my own life and working with thousands of professionals and leaders, that getting to professional and career bliss is an internal journey first, followed by taking the right external steps to propel you forward. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

For more information about my work and other coaching, speaking and training offerings, please visit KathyCaprino.com and FindingBrave.org.

Last thing…

This course shares with you everything I’ve personally learned and applied in my life, career and business, that has allowed me to build a career and business that is supremely fulfilling and rewarding and focus on what matters most to me.

I now share everything with you so you can thrive and reach your most exciting goals and visions.

© 20242 Kathy Caprino, LLC. All rights reserved.