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Ultimately, become the successful, empowered — and fulfilled — professional and leader you want to be.

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“I have progressively made great strides in my career in such a short period. Kathy nudged me past my doubts and panic, helping me to see that I was more than I thought I was.”

Irene Walker


Hello, I’m Kathy Caprino. I’m thrilled you’re here!

For the last 17 years, I’ve coached and trained over 20,000 thousand professional women, coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs around the world just like you to access the tools and learning they need as emerging leaders and contributors – to achieve significantly more success and satisfaction.

I’ve recently written a top-rated book called The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss, all about how to address what is holding professionals back today from thriving, growing and succeeding in their careers and professional lives.

Now, I’m offering this new online course to teach you THE most

important steps to transform YOUR career with greater confidence, communication strength, self-esteem and leadership skill that will move you forward fast to what you truly desire in your work.

Welcome To The Most Powerful You live coaching and training course with Kathy Caprino

Based on the content and research from my book The Most Powerful You, this course offers 8 weeks of hands-on group coaching, video training, learning and personalized support to help you grow your confidence, lead and communicate more effectively and become the true author of your life, career and business.

Let The Most Powerful You training course guide you to…

  • Increase your confidence as a leader, manager and business owner
  • Expand your career, business and managerial skills and executive presence
  • Communicate in ways that generate exciting support for your ideas and visions
  • Release self-doubt, fear, and imposter syndrome about your abilities while developing clear and actionable plans for success
  • Build a career that aligns more closely with who you really are – including your authentic values, needs, and goals for the future
  • And apply all this learning for a happier (and less stressed) life outside of work as well!

By being here, you’re in really good company. 

Did you know that a staggering 98% of women face 7 key power gaps – limitations and challenges that are stopping you from thriving, building rewarding careers, and reaching your highest, happiest potential and goals? 

75% of women surveyed are experiencing at least 3 of the 7 damaging power gaps at the same time! And women ages 18-34 have several of these gaps in an even bigger way.

Are you facing these gaps too? 

The 7 Damaging Power Gaps

If you have any of these power and bravery gaps, your career- and leadership-building steps simply will not be effective and you can’t achieve your highest, most thrilling potential and impact in your work.


Not recognizing your special talents, abilities and accomplishments

(63% have this gap)


Communicating from fear, not strength

(70% have this gap)


Reluctance to ask for what you deserve

(77% have this gap)


Isolating from influential support (71% have this gap)


Acquiescing instead of saying “STOP!” to mistreatment

(48% have this gap)


Losing sight of the thrilling dream you once had for your career and professional endeavors

(76% have this gap)


Allowing past difficulties and challenges to continue to negatively impact you today

(62% have this gap)

If you’re reading this, my guess is that there’s at least one Power Gap you are experiencing now from this list.

Each of these gaps keeps you from seeing yourself powerfully, and bravely speaking, asking, connecting, challenging, serving and healing to thrive.

This is why I’ve created The Most Powerful You – a LIVE coaching and training program based on my top-rated book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss (now being translated into Chinese, Arabic and Polish).

In our 8 weeks together…

I’ll be your guide through the transformative experience of closing these gaps and overcoming your challenges, and supporting you to become BRAVER and MORE CONFIDENT to create what you truly want to. 

In this course, I take the guesswork out of how to overcome your power gaps and help you discover what you need to do to build a happier, better career that is meaningful to you. 

Here’s what The Most Powerful You course offers

and how it’s different from other career growth training: 

“I highly recommend Kathy’s programs to anyone who dares to dream big and strives to do more. No matter where we are in our professional journey, Kathy’s coaching programs empower us to uncover our natural talents, break through our upper limit and reach new heights of success never before imagined.”

Leili Taeb

“Kathy has a great, contagious energy and is 200% invested in results for her clients. And she seems like a dog with a bone–she will dig with her clients to get to the BONE of their best career!

Lorraine Gregorowicz

Have you ever wondered how you can:

  • Recognize and share more confidently about your unique talents, abilities, and accomplishments – so you can contribute in a bigger way?

  • Communicate with less fear and more self-assurance and “executive presence?” 

  • Ask for what you want and deserve and actually GET it?

  • Connect with great mentors, sponsors and ambassadors who can move you forward and open doors in ways you can’t by yourself? 

  • Build stronger boundaries so you can stand up and say “NO!” to behavior and treatment you feel isn’t fair or right?

  • Reclaim the exciting dreams you once had for your career, so you can do work that matters and makes you happy and proud engaging in it? 

  • Release what’s happened to you in the past that keeps you stuck, so you can experience more peace, joy and freedom?

We didn’t come out of the womb lacking confidence, worrying about being too assertive or not pleasing enough.

This is learned behavior. But we can unlearn it.

Over time, these behaviors that we learned along the way become ingrained, so we often don’t feel valued, safe or accepted. 

But here’s the good news: You can release these behaviors that keep you from living and working as you long to. You can strengthen and empower yourself… TODAY! 

You do that by building a deeper understanding of your talents, abilities, and accomplishments, learning how to leverage them, and accessing the bravery and positive power you need to succeed. 

The result?

You will:

  • Become braver to say YES! to what you want and deserve
  • Close your power gaps so you can thrive and succeed and feel happier
  • Become more confident and self-assured
  • Take the reins on your life and career, and gain more authority, impact and control
  • Make the right moves and decisions that will set you up for success in the next chapter
  • Stand up for what you want and get it
  • Become the true author of your life so you can live on your own terms

This is the work of The Most Powerful You. And I’ll be your guide.

By the end of our 8 weeks together, you’ll have learned the skills, steps, and roadmap to build a happier career, with more leadership impact, confidence, and effectiveness — through consistent, committed, and intentional bravery. 

The Most Powerful You is the pathway you need to see yourself as you truly are – to speak, ask, connect, challenge, serve, and heal courageously, so you can become who you long to be, and do work that is meaningful and joyful all along the way..

I’ve taken these same steps myself and transformed my career and taught hundreds of others these same strategies.

Are YOU ready to “find brave” and tap into your own positive, personal power? 

The power that helps you ask for what you want, release insecurities, and find the confidence you’ve been searching for?

If you’re a YES, I would love for you to join me LIVE and get started today! 

“Are you looking for a deeper understanding of what career obstacles to watch out for? Are you seeking some powerful insights from an experienced and dynamic career coach whose voice sounds like it is talking to you? Then run, don’t walk to get a hold of this terrific book by career coach and well known Finding Brave podcast host, Kathy Caprino.

Many people talk a good game when it comes to empowering women. Kathy Caprino knows how to get it done.”


Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

“If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Why can’t I get what I want in my career?,’ this is the book and course for you. The Most Powerful You answers all your questions about why you’ve been stuck and struggling to experience the happiness you want!

This is the material to help you get more of what you want and deserve, and teaches you how to get it!”


Author of The Wall Street Journal bestseller Every Job Is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work

Welcome to The Most Powerful You

LIVE Coaching Course – What’s Inside

An 8-Week Program to help you discover your talents, abilities, and strengths so you can ask for what you want and have the tools, skills, and confidence you need to succeed. 

Program Details:


DATES: Next course begins Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

Calls are held weekly for 8 weeks on Wednesdays at Noon EST.

Early Bird ends on March 23, 2024



$597 upfront payment or 3 Installments of $215

Sign Up For Early Bird Offer And



FREE ACCESS to “The Amazing Career Project” online video training course. ($199 value)

Create Your Ideal LinkedIn Summary and Resume, e-book from resume expert Cindy Hanson

FREE Access to a full-year (12-issue) subscription to Kathy’s Your Path to Career Bliss digital newsletter, covering essential strategies and information supporting leadership, career, business and personal growth and success

Kathy’s E-book to Understanding Your Dominant Action Style and How To Leverage It for a happier career

Interview with personal branding guru William Arruda on How To Work Your Quirks and Stand Out

FREE Audio chapter (Chapter #6: Losing Sight of Your Thrilling Dream for Your Life) from Kathy’s Book The Most Powerful You

Personal Branding Workbook and Finding Brave podcast interview with Cindy McGovern on Creating Your Legacy with Your Personal Brand

The first 5 registrants will receive a FREE 30-minute Career Consultation call with Kathy ($250 value)

What you geT

  • 8 WEEKLY LIVE on Zoom Group Coaching Calls with Kathy. Each week, you’ll meet LIVE on Zoom for 75-minutes of group coaching calls with Kathy. Each week, Kathy will provide a deep exploration and coaching & training on one of the 7 power gaps. By the end of each call, you’ll have received expert support and training to address and close the gap in the shortest time possible. During the calls, Kathy will address your questions, challenges, and specific issues and give you hands-on, personalized coaching. (Calls are currently scheduled to be held Wednesdays from Noon to 1:15 pm EST, from April 3rd through May 22, 2024).

  • 8 Video Training Modules (16 videos – 4 hours in total) Each module offers 2 videos (An introduction to the gap and Key Steps/Takeaways) offering in-depth video training to learn about each Gap and how to close it in your life, work and leadership. You’ll also receive an introductory module about how and why these gaps are formed and ways to overcome them today.

  • Step-by-Step Career Growth Training Curriculum. Supplemental written curriculum to provide you with greater understanding to recognize the power gaps and discover how to become more powerful, confident, connected, and impactful in your life and work

  • Curated Resources for expanded learning. Top-level, curated resources and add-on material from over 30 of the nation’s top experts on key topics essential to career growth (taken from powerful interviews Kathy has done in her Forbes blog (over 35 million views) and Finding Brave top-rated podcast, as well as other articles, podcasts, TED talks, books, etc.) that will enhance your learning and growth

  • Private Online Support Group. A private member-only Facebook support group for additional support and answers and advice on your most burning questions, with direct access to Kathy and the other members.

  • Plus, as a participant, you’ll receive lifetime access to all the training materials and a lifetime of 20% discounts. This includes discounts on Kathy’s private coaching programs, including her 60-minute Career Consultation, 3-session Jumpstart Your Career Success program, and 6-session Career Breakthrough Coaching program.

“Attending Kathy’s program was a real life-changing experience. I was blown away by how much I learned, grew, and gained clarity around my career through the program. Kathy has so many unique skills and talents that she brings to the table – having been in the corporate world for many years Kathy really understands the reality of women’s careers – both opportunities and challenges.

She digs deep with each participant and helps uncover real life changing gems. For me, working with Kathy in the course and in parallel on a one-on-one personal coaching basis helped me so much both with my short and long term plans.

Kathy is truly in a league of her own and I am glad our paths crossed!”


“Kathy is amazing! I had 4 sessions with her over a month and a half and I achieved more personal and professional development during that time than I have in the past 4 years. I carried out a handful of action items that my former self NEVER would have done. Her no-nonsense demeanor was extremely helpful in keeping me motivated and accountable. I highly recommend working with Kathy.”

angie hawkins

“I highly recommend Kathy’s courses and programs. I came completely beaten down and not knowing what to do with my future.

Through Kathy’s coaching and guidance, along with the other women in the course, I was able to recognize my strengths and skills and move forward on a path of success! It was really an amazing experience. Thank you Kathy!”


What You’ll Learn


Brave Sight

Identity And Leverage Your Special Talents, Abilities and Accomplishments.

Stop downplaying your gifts and, instead, leverage them to carve a successful career and leadership path for yourself and others.

Learn what makes you stand out from others, and how your differences add great value to your work and teams.


Brave Speak


From Strength, Not Fear

Discover how you’ve been trained NOT to speak confidently and powerfully and how we can change that. Recognize how holding back from

speaking up damages your progress and find new ways to overcome this conditioning. Understand how to finally take the empowered actions to start

speaking up for yourself and others.


Brave Ask

Ask For What You Want and Deserve

Explore why it’s often hard for many women to confidently ask for what they want, and learn how to build a strong case for what you deserve, and get it.

Become clearer about the value you offer and why that matters. Make your “Brave Ask” that clears the path for exciting, new opportunities in our lives we

haven’t been able to access before .


Brave Connection

Build Allies Who Offer Influential Support

Learn how influential mentors and

sponsors are crucial to your success and happiness, and why women often isolate

from getting the higher-level support they need.

Take steps to build an

influential, supportive community with amazing mentors, sponsors, and ambassadors – on LinkedIn, at work, in your

field and beyond – and how to network even when you’re insecure, shy, or



Brave Challenge

Say “Stop!” To Mistreatment

Whether it’s gender bias, sexual

harassment, or other forms of unfair behaviors at work, lean how to say “stop!” or protect yourself and keep others safe, too.

In this Module, you’ll discover how to handle unfair behavior, recognize what “mistreatment” is, and learn the best ways to get support to overcome the situation you’re facing.


Brave Service

Reconnect to Your Thrilling

Dream for Your Career

Dig deep into recognize what

you truly want for your life and career. By the end of this module, you’ll understand how to better align with your most important values, dreams, and visions.

The result? You’ll succeed in a big way in what you’ve finally begun to dream for!


Brave Healing

Release And Heal From Past Challenges

Recognize past challenges and hurtful experiences that have impacted you and how they are shaping your career today.

Discover why insight is great, but insight won’t heal or change your life. Only the RIGHT types of empowering, courageous actions will bring the healing, growth, and success you want.


Celebrate and Start Leveraging The Most Powerful You

In this module, we review the

steps to your positive power transformation and bravery insights.

You’ll receive your certificate of completion and begin applying and leveraging all you’ve learned to transform your career today!

“The Most Powerful You is an invaluable guide for

professional women who want to become more confident and impactful and reach

their most exciting goals.”



What’s the schedule for the course? Can I take it at my own pace?

For the LIVE 8-week version of this course, there is a set 8-week schedule of online training calls with Kathy (see updates on this info page for open enrollment dates and start dates of the course).

If you prefer independent study, the video training portion of this course is available (without Kathy’s coaching support), for purchase here – You may acquire the video training at any time.

How long do I have access?

Members have lifetime” access to the materials in this course and you gain access to the program the day you register.

How is the course content delivered?

Once you register for the live course, the course content is delivered weekly via an online course portal, where the videos, written curriculum, homework assignments and workbook and other supplemental resources are available for download. The recordings of the weekly calls in your specific member cohort will be uploaded to your course portal. The weekly calls with call are held via Zoom.

Is there an interactive element to the course?

There is interaction with Kathy and other members in two ways:

1) In the LIVE course there are 8 weekly coaching training calls with Kathy, for each course offering (typically two to three times a year) plus interaction on the online support group for members only.

2) For the video training only version of this course, interaction with Kathy is available through the Accelerate level, where you you can purchase a one-hour Private Career Consultation as an add-on to the video training. (For more on that, visit

Do I need to have The Most Powerful You book for this course?

It is highly recommended that you read The Most Powerful You book either prior to taking the course or simultaneously as you study each module in the training course. 

Here is a link where you can find top online providers of the book.

For availability outside the U.S., click these links:





Anywhere else in the world outside North America:  

What is the refund policy?

Due to the high demand of this course and training, and it’s proven efficacy, there are no refunds for this course offering. However, if due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to attend the course as you planned, you may receive credit in the amount that you paid, to be applied towards another of Kathy’s training or coaching program that are a part of her current offerings. Those can be found here –

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. Please see the the payment plans listed on this sales page or contact Kathy’s team at for our payment plan options.

Are there discounts for institutional bulk purchases?

Yes! Please write to Kathy at to discuss your organizational/institutional needs. Kathy is pleased to tailor a Most Powerful You training experience that fits your employees’, teams’ and organizational needs.

I’m not sure whether The Most Powerful You is right for me.

If you take Kathy’s Power Gap Survey and are experiencing at least one of the power gaps right now, this course will be positive and transformational experience. And if you have 4 hours to invest in your career growth by watching the helpful video training material and another several hours a week for 8 weeks to engage with Kathy online and do the homework suggested, and you’re ready to making positive change in your career, this is the right place for you!

If you have further questions about the suitability of the course for your needs, please email

I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m not sure what to expect. Will I fit in?

Bravo that you’re here and taking the leap to commit to bringing about positive change in your life and career!

This program is unlike any other available today in that it draws on Kathy’s 40 years of work and other experience – from 18 years of high level corporate work, to her time as a marriage and family therapist, from her artistic experiences as a singer and performing, her 17 years of coaching over 20,000 professionals across 6 continents, and her Forbes and Finding Brave podcast interviews with many of the nation’s top experts in fields essential to professional success.

The course also shares transformative concepts from many modalities of professional and personal growth and learning (including coaching, career advising, therapeutic concepts, leadership development, spiritual growth, communications, networking, thought leadership, and more!) You’ll receive both hands-on coaching and training support and help from Kathy, as well as a group component allowing you to connect and learn from other members from around the world.

Kathy is committed to offering a safe, inviting, and supportive group experience, and draws on her therapy and facilitation training and experience to strive for all members to be heard and supported.

If you want to learn how to “level up” your confidence, courage and fulfillment in your work, this is a great fit! Everyone who wishes to bring about growth in their lives and careers and is committed to doing the work to make that possible is welcome!

I’m very much looking forward to being of service to help you become The Most Powerful You!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to Kathy at with any questions. She’ll be happy to answer them.

About Kathy Caprino, M.A.

If you’ve followed my work, you know that I spent 18 years in corporate life in marketing, publishing and membership services, and rose to the level of Vice President. My career was very “successful” on the outside, but internally I struggled. I managed large budgets and global initiatives, and achieved a lot and learned many skills including leadership, communication, management, strategic planning and more. But I also struggled fiercely in crafting a life and career that aligned with who I really am, inside.

After a brutal layoff in the days following 9/11, I made the decision to finally reclaim the direction of my life, and entered into the helping professions. I became a marriage and family therapist, writer, leadership and career coach, speaker and over the past 16 years in this work, I’ve coached and trained thousands of professional women and men around the world.

Now, in my business, Kathy Caprino, LLC, I am dedicated to the advancement of women around the globe, and do that through my writing, speaking, coaching, keynotes and workshops, and serving as a media expert on careers and leadership. I’m a Senior Forbes contributor (with over 41 million views), a “Top Voice” on LinkedIn, a blogger and the host of the podcast Finding Brave, which consistently ranks in the Top 100 Apple Career Podcasts.

I’ve learned so much over the past 16 years of interviewing some of the top movers and shakers, leadership gurus, business experts, award-winning entrepreneurs, creatives, bestselling authors, Pulitzer-prize winners and more!

I’ve seen from my own life and working with thousands of professionals and leaders around the world, that getting to professional and career bliss and successful impact is an internal journey first, followed by taking the right external steps to propel you forward. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

For more information about my work and other coaching, speaking and training offerings, please visit and

Are you ready to find the joy, excitement, and inspiration you desire in your career (and life)? 

The Most Powerful You offers LIVE course offers vital information, strategies and solutions you won’t find in other places. Kathy draws on her years in high-level corporate life, her time as a marriage and family therapist, her learnings from interviewing some of the top movers and shakers in our nation and her research and learnings from coaching thousands of women around the world.

It’s the VERY information Kathy wished she had 40 years ago when she struggled internally during her corporate career, and that stops YOU from falling short of what you deeply long for – in life, career and your leadership. 

If you’re ready to release the challenges that block you from achieving the joy, excitement, success, and relief you long for at work and home, join Kathy in this 8-week career-transforming course The Most Powerful You

We start soon, and I can’t wait to support you on your journey!

Last thing…

This course shares with you everything I’ve personally learned and applied in my life, career and business, that has allowed me to build a career and business that is supremely fulfilling and rewarding and focus on what matters most to me.

I now share everything with you so you can thrive and reach your most exciting goals and visions.

EXTRA BONUS NOW! LinkedIn Profile Consultation

With over 875,000 LinkedIn followers and 147,000+ subscribers to her LinkedIn newsletter “The Finding Brave Circle,” and 34 million views of her articles, Kathy shares her LinkedIn expertise to improve your profile for more views & opportunities.

Uplevel your headline, summary, job descriptions, endorsements and more…one winner will be picked from all registrants of the current course session to receive this Bonus 30-minute LinkedIn consultation ($250 value)!  

For Organizations & Institutions

Kathy also provides The Most Powerful You training to organizations with a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) who are committed to supporting the advancement of women and other underrepresented groups. If your organization is driven to helping emerging and seasoned managers and leaders reach their highest potential, this is an essential professional development training for your workforce.

Closing these 7 damaging gaps helps your staff and teams gain more confidence, self-esteem, communication strength, leadership authority, impact, support, strategic vision, and more.

Please write to today to inquire about bringing this training to your workforce today.

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to Kathy here – she’ll be happy to answer them. We hope to see you in the program today and help you become the Most Powerful You!

© 2023 Kathy Caprino, LLC. All rights reserved.